Week #5 Already?

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Hello Parents and Roadrunners,

Can you imagine we are entering week #5 of the school year? It seems like it was just yesterday that we were starting this crazy year online, waiting for schools to reopen, waiting to get to know each other, and waiting to kick off our learning journey. It is insane how quickly time comes and goes.

Our week in review:

Last week we finished up chapter 1 of our text.

Our history classes learned about the Native Americans and the first migrations to what is now America. We learned about culture, religion, and inventions that lead to our language and mathematics. We learned about the slave trade throughout the world, and the roots of slavery in America. We wrote codices, and compared the Black Death to Covid-19.

In our government classes we learned about the foundations of our government, the difference between government and politics. We learned about being an engaged citizen, and who really runs our government and country. We made campaign comparisons, and wrote our first case brief.

All classes took their first curriculum assessment, over chapter 1 and did well.

Looking Forward:

This week is a crazy week- we have
a half day on Wednesday (A day), and MAP testing on Thursday and Friday.

We will begin working on chapter 2 of each of our texts, but I imagine we will really dive in next week.

AP classes will be adding a couple of assignments to their agendas-a weekly discussion (govt), AP classroom AND AP study guide.

General Housekeeping:

Monday, August 24th was the last day to submit assignments for weeks 1-4, with the exception of a few students, and completion of the chapter test.

Grades in Google Classroom and Infinite Campus were updated on August 24th. As always if I missed an assignment or you see an error please feel free to reach out to me.

I hope everyone has an amazing week, if you need clarification or have any questions, please reach out to me via email: acastillo@santancs.com (parents) amanda.castillo@santancharterschool.com (students)


Mrs. Castillo