Week #6 Update

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Hello Parents and Roadrunners,

This week is an exciting week as we’ve began our Hybrid learning model. It has been challenging but definitely has its rewards. It has been nice to meet students face to face and interact with them. I am proud to say my classroom has passed the high school vibe check 😉 and students have enjoyed coming to class everyday.

A couple of announcements:

AP Govt/History- I successfully set up AP Classroom yesterday. AP Government is completing activities that would have been completed from Unit 1. While, AP History is starting Unit 2.

Mainstream Classes (Period 2, 3, 5)- I have set up CK12 for each class. We will be easing into using it this week.

8th Grade GIRLS do you enjoy attending sports events at San Tan? Do you like to cheer? Do you have a big voice? Junior high cheer is the place for you!! Talk with Mrs. Castillo if you are interested in joining the team. The more the merrier!!

Infinite campus has been updated with last week’s assignments. I am currently grading anything that has been submitted from week 1-4.

I had meetings with every student (with the exception on online or TH/F hybrid) today during class to discuss a plan to catch up.

Chapter 1 test makeup is this THURSDAY 9/3 on Google Meet at 3:30. I will email the code Thursday morning.

Looking Forward

This week History is diving into Chapter 3-beginning colonial societies. It is our last chapter before we begin CK12 (The Gilded Age), which we will begin next week.

AP History is beginning Unit 2 in AP Classroom.

Government has began CK12 (Mainstream)- Political Theory and the U.S. Constitution.

AP Govt has began utilizing AP Classroom, along with their textbook.

CK12 Class Codes

Government Period 2- 8wgem

US History Period 3-kocwr

US History Period 5-23aqi

US History Period 6-xfowt


AP Classroom Class Codes

AP Government Period 1-NMEAXM

AP US History Period 7-RYZDJ7


I hope everyone has a great week. Please allow me the gift of time to get all late assignments graded this week and entered into IC by Friday.

As always, if you have any questions, comments, suggestions, concerns, please feel free to reach out to me.

Mrs. Castillo

acastillo@santancs.com (parents)

amanda.castillo@santancharterschool.com (students)

480-222-0811 ext. 504