Where Has The Time Gone?! Week #9

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Hello and Welcome to week #9!!

This first quarter has flown by and I am happy to say I think we have finally got things figured out!! I am excited for the direction our classes are headed and all the learning that is going to take place.


— CULTURE FAIR IS COMING!! This week students should have shown you a folder and their cultural fair project general research/outline. Parents need to sign acknowledging they are 1. okay with the topic and subject their child is creating a project for, and 2. to commit to purchasing/providing necessary supplies for their projects. I will sign off once I have seen that it is complete and parents have signed. My plan is to carve out time on Friday’s to allow students to work on their projects, though a majority of the project should be completed at home and outside of class. ​DUE Wednesday 9/23

— Students were asked last week to purchase a 1′ 3-ring binder and 5 page dividers for class, this is ​DUE FRIDAY 9/25

​– Phone jail and seating charts have been working great!! We are still working on gum and food.

— Please encourage students to hold on to their returned assignments at least until the end of the quarter. It is difficult to challenge a score or grade input without documentation.

— I think (students would agree) that our best activity last week was the Constitution escape room we completed in honor of Constitution Day!!

THANK YOU for making my birthday so special!! I received some awesome gifts and nothing beats the kiddos singing happy birthday!! ❤️


— AP Government began working on their third document analysis this week. The entire class scored 100% on their AP Classroom questions for last week. Your kiddos are doing AMAZING in class–one student has started a petition (I won’t say who, but you should be proud), they are sharing all their knowledge in their discussions, and they are really digging into their document analysis.

— Government (period 2) has began working diligently in CK-12 and we have found that it is a great way to spark discussion, tie our curriculum to current events, and accomplish our task. We have been going through the lessons together and it has worked like a charm. So far we have learned about the foundations of the American Government and Politics.

— US History (periods 3, 5, 6) have followed government as far as diving into CK-12 but we have began a unit on the Gilded Age, so far we have explored Westward Expansion, the Transcontinental Railroad, and the Homestead Act.

— AP US History (period 7) just delivered some amazing slideshows covering chapters 4 & 5. This week we are diving into chapter 6. I absolutely LOVE seeing the kids brains at work as they read, create, and share with their classmates. I saw a lot of “ahh that makes sense” moments when they presented and that made my heart flutter. I am excited to see what chapter 6 and their act comparisons bring.

As always, I hope you have an amazing week and if you have any questions, comments, or concerns please feel free to reach out to me.

Mrs. Castillo

acastillo@santancs.com (parents) amanda.castillo@santancharterschool.com (students)

480-222-0811 ext. 504