History Update

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Hello and Welcome to week #2!!

It was so nice meeting all our students last week, I am so excited to get to know them more this week. I know it is going to be a great year!! I hope you had a great weekend and fell much success after our first couple of days together.

Here is a snapshot of this week:

Agenda for August 3-7th
* Anyone who did not present their slide needs to today (Monday)
* Daily bellwork (listed/assigned below)
* Unit 1 (I’d like to complete this whole unit in class so that we can get used to how the course is going to go and the expectations)
* Civics pre-assessment (this is just to see where we are at, this is a test that has to be passed in order to graduate)
* Assignments- Click & Explore
* Homework- complete vocabulary log for unit 1

Just a head’s up I have began inputting grades in Infinite Campus, if there is an error please feel free to reach out to me.

I hope you have a great week,

Mrs. Castillo